How To Listen To The Universe In 5 Easy Steps

by Lynn Moore CAC

“The Universe is your friend and is more anxious to give you what you want than you are to get it” ~ Wallace Wattles

Oh my, that’s a earful.  I know that when I first heard that quote it smacked me upside the head and hollered “Wake up!” It was as if I saw a haphazard group of letters on a page, then they suddenly danced into alignment and I could easily read the words, “Gifts are being tossed to me and I’m refusing to catch them. OMG, my life is in MY hands, no one else’s. I just need to take catching lessons!”

It’s a natural instinct that when something is tossed to you, you reach out and catch it, not dodge it.

Watch animals. They function on instinct and it’s always right and there is always a purpose to it. Sometimes I think this human ability of ours to think, make choices, and reason really gets in the way of our natural instincts (intuition) and messes with our un-conscious mind.  It’s instinctive for you to love, so why hate things? It’s instinctive for you to eat, so why choose unhealthy foods? Well, you get the picture.

Pretend you are in an orchestra. Here you have this amazing maestro conducting you plus you have within you a superb talent and ability to play your instrument but the music stand has the wrong sheet music in front of you. The conductor keeps directing you, your talent is bursting to get out, but your symphony remains unplayed and silent.

Your talent to play music is instinctive. It’s a gift you were given and people are waiting to hear it, be moved by it, uplifted and motivated by it. But that is not what is happening. Y’see, the music sheets are how you play at life (Consciousness), the conductor is your Super Conscious (Universe) and your musical talent is Unconscious (intuitive, instinctual).

You are getting messages from the Universe, and your talent wants to come out, but you choose a music that is out of alignment with the messenger and your innate abilities.

It has to do with listening to the wrong messenger. Y’see the Universe is sending you messages all day everyday but so is your Ego, the part of your Unconscious that you were not born with, but was ‘learned’.

The Ego’s purpose is to sort of ‘protect’ you. Protect you from harm, disappointment, failure, grief, loss, unhappiness, shame, guilt and a litany of other ‘negative’ occurrences. Its favorite way of doing this is via planting fear in your mind and it has lots to draw on: that which is renting space in your sub-conscious real estate. These are the ‘beliefs’ which took up residence when you were very young and were sown and cultivated by other people.

Perhaps you got the belief that you had to be satisfied with what you had, or that you didn’t have the ability to become a (fill in the blank), or the oldest child in the family had to be more responsible, or you had to work very hard to make enough money, etc. etc. The wrong sheet music.

On the other hand, the Universe’s messages bring you inspiration, excitement, motivation, happiness and so much optimism.

Which one will you align with, Ego or Universe? Both are pure energy, one positive and one negative.  The great thing about the human brain is that, unlike animals, we have the power to choose and direct our thinking once we realize consciously that we can. You can choose to ‘play’ at life to a different tempo.

It’s time to change your sheet music, to take your power back…to develop the ears to hear the Universe.

What you should do:

1.   Listen. Get one of those head bands that have antennae on them. Put it on once a day and be still for 10 minutes. Ground yourself comfortably, close your eyes, and allow the mind to slow down. Just gently brush aside those thoughts that don’t serve you at the moment. You are in receiving mode.

2.   Or, you can go for a walk in a place you love and I double dare you to wear the antenna head band! Maybe you’d like to ride a bicycle or whatever it is that brings you peace and allows your mind to stop racing.

3.   Remember to breathe, taking several deep breaths at a time when you think of it.

4.   Enter a state of gratitude for your life, body, environment, people, etc. All the ‘gifts’ the Universe has bestowed upon you.

5.   Just allow things to ‘arrive’. When you feel something ‘good’ accompanying a thought, you know it came from the Universe. Write it down or have a recorder handy to speak into.  If a thought carries a negative feeling you know it is the Ego and you simply let it go away.

This is a process that is best to do before you make any strategic plans for your future; before you choose what you want to be, do or have (goaling). When you are hearing your Universal messages, you will choose the right goals for YOU and therefore you will connect with those goals as easily as letting your innate music play. You will be aligned and life becomes a constant joy!

Your assignment:

Do this for two weeks, just 10 minutes a day. You will be teaching yourself a new awareness and you will be more in alignment with the Universe and the ‘music’ that’s in you.

(c) Lynn Moore 2011

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