The Law Of Compensation ~ Personal Responsibility

   11 Pillars to Awesome Abundance ~  Part 6

 This week brings you the sixth video in  the 11 Pillars series of Universal Laws in 90 second “nugget” form. 

 The Law of Compensation or, as I like to call it, ‘Personal Responsibility’.


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The Law of Compensation(Personal Responsibility). Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the results you are getting in your life? Most people are dissatisfied and play the blame game or just feel life happens TO them and not because of them. Personal growth is a choice and it begins with living your life by intelligent design and not onauto pilot. If you were looking at a movie screen of you in your life, what would you see? Are you happy with it? If not, simply change the picture. You have freedom of thought to do so. Squeeze out negative thinking (contraction) with positive thinking (expansion). Then everything changes; energies, what you are aware of, how you talk etc. You are creativity personified, rare and one of a kind.  The Universe has a rare purpose for you then gives you the freedom to fulfill it or not. You will receive in exact proportion to what you give; what you give in thought, words and action. You are free to decide, free to design and free to build. Keep on Goaling!  

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I’m Lynn Moore, the Inspirational Goaling Coach

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14 thoughts on “The Law Of Compensation ~ Personal Responsibility

  1. Exactly, everything happens *for* you and not *to* you. Thanks for this reminder, Lynn and love hearing about new laws each week.

  2. I love how the universe is designed to give back what we put into the world and ourselves. Thank you for sharing the 11 Pillars.

  3. For sure DorothyInez, the Universal concepts are so simple, it is we who make life difficult. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Thanks for the 11 Pillars inspirational messages. You can nactually see and feel it happening when your give, you get back . It’s really cool to see it happening all the time.

  5. That’s so true Joyce, once we are aware of these principles occurring in our lives, it become such fun to watch them in action! Thanks for your comment.

  6. Absolutely agree Lynn, another great post! Sometimes we have people around us that truly do not understand what taking responsibility for their actions is. I love growth and expansion it opens us up to so much in life for ourselves and others.

  7. I am with Dorothy Inez in feeling amazed how when we become aware and take personal responsibility for what we send out into the universe we get back so much.

  8. Such a great word Lisa….’amazed’… and it is amazing and we can be filled with wonder when we see these simple principles unfold in our own lives. It’s all about choice, the ultimate freedom. Thanks for your comment!

  9. It’s so freeing to reject the idea that life happens “to” me. It’s really changed my life. I wish I could find a quick and simple way to convey that to people who are not on the personal development path. Once you understand, it’s so very clear. But getting to that point can be quite a long journey. Thanks, Lynn, for the words of wisdom.

  10. What I see happening now Dorine is a huge increase in people openly talking about Universal Laws, spirituality, consciousness shifting etc. and pretty soon no one will be able to say they are ignorant of these wonders which improve lives. This is how change happens and its wonderful to see. Thanks for your comment!

  11. Fantastic analogy Lynn… change the picture if you are unhappy with your life instead of watching it like a passive observer watches a movie. So true! We are in control of our outcomes and life. Thanks for such a great reminder!

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