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Learn How Intuition, Passion & A Sense for Adventure Can Create Your Goal Victory When Other Methods Haven’t

Inspirational Goaling about a journey of discovery in Kathmandu, NepalThe seed for Inspirational Goaling was sprouted, fed nutrients, watered with care and began to come into existence and develop during my volunteer mission in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I was there primarily to teach English to young Buddhist monks and discovered that the education was also equally mine.

It wasn’t one thing specifically, but many experiences:

  • with the Nepali people
  • fellow volunteers
  • the culture
  • the city
  • Lynn with young Monks in Nepalout in the countryside
  • climbing a mountain
  • being at the World Peace Pagoda
  • the majesty of the Himalayas
  • Old World energy
  • ceremonies in the monasteries
  • the gentle nature of the older monks
  • the enthusiasm of the young boy monklettes (as I called them)
  • and so much more.

All of this was gently and carefully tucked into my psyche and my soul to bring back home and begin to sort itself into a message. A message that insistently kept knocking on my brain-door until it got loud enough for me to eventually hear.

That message was, that I had finally, after decades of discomfort and an inner knowledge that the way we were being taught to find our happiness in striving for ‘goal setting and achievement’ did not work for 97% of the population.

The time had come for a new way in a new age.

And I sat down to write.

Inspirational Goaling ~ The Book, is the story of my time steeped in this old world experience, and is woven throughout the gentle, non-struggle, teaching of how to begin finding your happiness using the Inspirational Goaling guidance.

You will laugh out loud frequently, possibly shed a tear or two and you most definitely will experience many ah-ha moments of clarity and knowledge.

Each page is a step; a step for you to find your place, your center and your direction for the next phase of your life. And to do it with a contented, calm happiness you so deserve.

Here’s how other readers have experienced this book:

Advantage Media“Inspirational Goaling is a timely book. Many people now find themselves at loose ends for one reason or another, and Ms. Moore’s offer of guidance and inspiration–and ways to find and reach the positive goals so many would like to set for themselves–speaks especially clearly to people in this situation. Indeed, for many, her words may seem to be inspirational, literally. The frame of her journey to Nepal, teaching English to young monks and rescuing her beloved pet dog is strong and engaging, and her use of the narrative created by this journey to illustrate her techniques for setting and reaching new goals is wonderful. Ms. Moore successfully draws the reader into her own story, while simultaneously offering encouraging and practical advice and truly inspirational exercises and thought projects. What a pleasure to read such a polished, clear manuscript. Ms. Moore’s attitude is so upbeat and positive that it’s difficult not to catch the good vibes. Her tone is light and conversational–any man or woman would be lucky to have someone like Ms. Moore for a pal.”
~ Denis Boyles, Publisher of Advantage Media Group (Messenger House)

Sophfronia Scott“This book rocks! It made me cry, it made me laugh and I felt like you were talking directly to me.”
~ Sophfronia Scott, Author, Publisher, writing coach and developer/teacher of Business Book Bootcamp

Carole Fawcett“The words on the page jumped out at me and I was saying “Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!!”

This wise and insightful book engaged all my emotions. You will find Lynn’s clarity refreshingly stimulating. Your personal “knowing-ness” will increase, plus you will feel your smile begin from your inner core.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants simultaneous learning and hilarious storytelling in one book.”

~ Carole Fawcett, RPC, M.H.C.Ht, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Registered Professional Counselor, Vernon, BC

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