Your Voice! The Goal Is To Find Your REAL One

  We had no voice. “Be quiet and don’t say anything to upset________(fill in the blank).” As girls, raised in the 1950’s, we heard this and many other ‘instructions’ as to the proper behavior for females. “Don’t eat that, it’ll make you fat.” “Girls can’t do that.” If we didn’t actually hear those exact words, we had plenty of family and neighborhood women or TV shows setting the example. Except for a few rebels! Some of them were famous nationally or worldwide and some were great influences on smaller scales. Here are three examples of some of my heroines plus … Continue reading

Colouring Books? The Goal is a Little Rebellion And Well-Being

Colouring Books? The Goal is a Little Rebellion And Well-Being You are five years old You are having fun You are happy, totally unaware of time, creating, imagining, expanding your mind, focused, making choices, and totally in the moment. Your short little legs are alternately swinging back and forth as you work and you are humming a favorite song you learned in kindergarten. In one hand you hold a chocolate chip cookie fresh from Mum’s oven and in the other hand you hold a crayon. Lots of other crayons are scattered on the table top within easy reach of your … Continue reading

Rejection Hurts! The Goal is to Ease Pain and Heal Fast

  The world, as you know it, has just ended. Your heart is pounding as though it is running in place before it plummets to the bottom of your stomach, there to feel as if it is drowning. Your blood stops circulating and your veins become icy cold. Your stunned brain ceases to form any cohesive thoughts and your body freezes in paralysis. Tears of acid burn your eyes; you fight mightily just to draw a breath. Spurned, snubbed, shunned, abandoned, just a few of the words you can use to describe the feeling of rejection. Yet, none of them … Continue reading

You’re Doing The Best You Can; The Goal Is To Allow Flexibility

    “Spend less time praising people who have made it. Celebrate those who are on the journey of achieving” ~Shannon Kaiser Did you know you are a hero? Yes, in someone’s eyes you are just that. They may be your spouse, a relative or friend, a child, neighbour, stranger on the street, fellow group member, your rescued pet …..anyone. They may never have said this to you or perhaps they were unable to tell you because they didn’t know who you were; they may have witnessed you doing something, in their eyes heroic, but never saw you again. A … Continue reading

4 Ways People Steal Your Strength And How To Put A Stop To It STAT!

You’ve just spent some time with the family ‘Dracula’, who has sucked you so dry your name should be Sahara. This ‘Dracula’ could also be a friend or co-worker but the result is the same; all that’s left in your veins is dust. Name someone who drains you, or makes you feel negative about yourself, or feel guilty or disconnected and is unreachable. Got someone? Okay, now choose one of the following that best describes their behavior and how you feel when you are with them: ​ Person #1: forceful, loud, and prone to outbursts, egocentric, always need center stage … Continue reading

What Goal Gets You Up In The Morning? Learn Your Own Astounding Answer!

Your Replies To 3 Questions Will Give You An Astounding Answer That’s Not What You May Think I know you have experienced this a time or two….. All the line-ups to the tills in the grocery store are verrrry long. Scenario: Judith is in line#6 and Anne is in line #2. Judith is focused on getting through the lines as fast as she can because she has a lot to do in preparation for the holiday dinner she is hosting for a dozen guests. She keeps looking at the other line-ups to see if one may be shorter than hers and … Continue reading

Why You Don’t Succeed Even When You Know How. Putting a stop to the cycle, after you’ve worked so bloody hard to succeed!

Ever feel desperate? I mean reallllllly desperate! So desperate you would give your facial collagen for a solution? You have been in denial, miserable and living with this crappy situation long enough. You are finally at a place where you cannot live with it anymore and you admit you need help. So you start looking for it. You sign up for the course, or join the group, or buy the book, find a mentor, hire a coach, a physical trainer, a financial planner, etc. Whatever it takes you are going to conquer this problem and come out a successful winner! … Continue reading

The Lost Secret of PATIENCE & How Taking It Out Of Goal Mothballs Can Create Abundant Bounty!

    I think it all began with the microwave oven.         When I was young and under the impression I knew everything, I recall my Dad, who was a voracious reader, telling me he had just read an article in a science magazine that the day was coming when we would be able to bake a potato in five minutes.      Me, being the Smarty Pants I was, laughed at him and said something like, “Oh Dad, that’s science fiction, why do you believe this stuff!” Today, I obviously have microwaved poached egg on my … Continue reading

How much C.R.A.P. is on your mind? And how to flush it out!

You know when your thoughts are running in an endless loop much like the gerbil running on its exercise wheel? Well, the gerbil is smart enough to stop when it gets tired. When we get fixated on ‘looping’ we will run it to death! You can be thinking about something someone did to you or said about you that has you in defence mode. Conflict. Perhaps you are stuck in the, “I have to, need to, must get around to….” doing whatever you are procrastinating about. Resistance. Or you are swinging on that vine of indecision, back and forth, back … Continue reading

“How Underlying Memories Sabotage Your Goals” And How to Fix this

  You are off on that long overdue vacation! You’re hopping from one leg to the other with excitement to get going because it’s a dream spot you have loved most of your life, but for some reason you rarely get there. First stop – fuel. You drive up to the pump, remove the gas cap, put the nozzle in the tank, squeeze the handle, and fill the tank to 2% capacity. (That isn’t a typo.) Then you set off, whistling a happy tune, to travel 300 miles to your destination. Image You don’t get very far before the ‘E’ … Continue reading