F________ Should Be Your Only Goal; You’ll Never Guess (caution: Humor!)

Stinking coffee

Your birthday is coming up in three weeks.

What a spectacular day it will be!

You visualize all the significant events of this once-a-year celebration and it brings you such joy.

Pillow rose
You will awaken to see a single red rose on your pillow and a fresh, steaming cup of coffee set on your nightstand. Propped beside it is a baby pink envelope containing a stunning birthday card espousing the most sublime words of love and appreciation. ​
There is a separate note from your Lover saying,

“I turned off your alarm, no need for you to get up early on your special day. The coffee is for a gentle, aromatic awakening, the rose for you to see a mirror of your own beauty when you first open your eyes and the card to inadequately express how grateful I am for the day you were born. Don’t plan dinner; I have an exquisite evening planned! xxoo”

Throughout the days leading up to your birthday, your imagination continues it’s busy-ness.

Hubby will have planned to take you to dinner to your favorite dinning room overlooking the water where you can watch the sunset. The atmosphere is quiet except for the tinkle of the piano and the sighing strings of the violin being played by a live musical duo near the dance floor.

You are sipping your aperitif when Hubby takes your hand and leads you into a dance as the duo seamlessly switches to playing your favorite love song.

When you return, you gasp in delight, for there, in the centre of your table is a crystal vase holding the most exquisite ivory and red roses along with a small box gift wrapped in white, velvet embossed paper and topped with an intricate, red bow.

He remembered!

You gently unwrap the little box as your mind replays the moment when, a few weeks past, you and hubby paused at the window of a jewelry store and you fell in love with an 18k, wide band, gold ring displaying a radiant emerald nestled amongst tiny diamonds.​
Your eyes shimmer with gratitude, love and unshed tears as he slips the ring on your finger and raises your hand to gently kiss it.

Your all-time favourite lobster dinner has been pre-ordered and set before you.

A lightly oaked, dry, Chardonnay white wine is poured into a cut crystal wine glass etched with your name, month and day of your birth.

Just as you feel your heart could not be more filled with joy, the musical duo begins to play ‘Happy Birthday’ as your waiter places a most splendid cake before you.

A double layer, white cake, topped with a bouquet of pink and ivory flowers all artistically fashioned using frosting. Hidden between the layers lies your most loved dessert …Crème Brulee!

Hubby knows your favorite place to eat, favorite flowers, colours, dinner, dessert, and you’ve given him a huge hint for the gift you most want.

You are proud of setting such an amazing goal, this will be the best birthday ever!
The day arrives…..

Your alarm shrills.

Rather than a rose on your pillow, there is a drool pool.

From the bathroom Hubby hollers, “I’m running late this morning Honey, can you bring me a cup of coffee while I get dressed?”

You stumble into the kitchen only to discover the coffee can is empty so you scrabble around in the back of a cupboard and come up with a jar of stale instant coffee.

Handing a cup to hubby, you sit on the bed and try not to pout. He takes a slurp from his cup and makes a face only a cartoonist could love as he asks, “Where did you get this, the local landfill?”

Hubby leaves his cup on the dresser and announces, “No time for breakfast, see you after work. Oh, I guess I should take you out to dinner tonight seeing as it’s your birthday. Wanna do that?”

You nod slowly in the affirmative as you watch his back disappear down the stairs.

This day has not begun well.

Dinnertime arrives and Hubby drags through the door. “Sheesh, what a dog of a day, I’m wiped, but I’m not going to spoil your special day, we are going out to eat. C’mon, I know just the place.”


Wearing your classic, little black dress, diamond stud earrings and grey suede pumps, you are assailed by the smell of frying fat as Hubby holds the door open for you at the “Chicken On The Run” café.

“Boy, am I famished”, he announces. “I know how much you like the chicken here and I just gotta have that large order of ribs.“ When placing your order he smacks his forehead and with a chagrined look tells you, “Dang, I forgot this place isn’t licensed and we can’t have a celebratory glass of wine. Oh well, we can pick up a bottle on the way home.” There are also no desserts on the menu.

While drinking cups of coffee after the plates are cleared, Hubby admits that he had every intention of getting you a birthday card today, but there just wasn’t any time. However, a big, proud smile sneaks across his face as he proclaims he has a surprise for you.

At this point, you are ready to forgive all else, if he gives you that ring.

“Honey”, he states, “I know there is a particular kind of slow cooker you have your heart set on and I don’t want to make a mistake and get the wrong one, so on Saturday you and I are going shopping and I’m going to buy that for you. But, right now, let’s go get that bottle of wine and we’ll just make it home in time for the game.”

Your heart has fallen down into the toes of those beautiful, grey suede pumps.

You go home, he flamboyantly serves you that glass of wine and turns on the game. You struggle to get the overly sweet wine past the soccer ball sized lump in your throat and when that’s accomplished you declare, “I have a bit of a headache Honey, so I’m going up to bed early.”

He responds, “Ok Sweetie, you do that. Feel better, and oh, Happy Birthday!

Okay, what just happened here?
Essentially, what you did was write a script, not set (connect with) a goal.

You wrote yours and Hubby’s parts in the play, but didn’t give him a copy of the script. We call this ‘scripting’ not ‘goaling’.

What’s the difference?

You can only choose (set) goals for yourself. You can’t choose (set) goals for others.

Does this mean you could not have the dream birthday? No, but remember one thing: husbands are not mind readers, even when you give very broad hints!

This is what you do:

Give him lots of time prior to your birthday (or any event in which he is included) and say to him. “Honey, for my birthday I would just love it if you would …….” Men who love their women really do want to please them and make them feel loved, but they don’t know how; they need directions.

You can translate this story to relate to any relationship or situation. Just remember:

~ Make it clear what you want in whatever instance is presenting itself
~ Be kind and generous in how you do this. Respect the other person(s) feelings
~ Be willing to compromise

When it comes to what you want out of this (your goal), rather than focusing on the details of what you want another person(s) to do or not do, think of the FEELINGS you want to derive from the result.

Your goal is actually THE FEELING (respect, love, being heard, optimism, significance, appreciation, security, connection, compassion, confidence, acceptance, peace, etc.) not how it comes about.

Goaling is all about feelings, not the house, the ring, the car, the man, the education, the weight loss, the money. It’s the feelings that these material things and accomplishments provide for you.

When I say ‘connect with your goal’ rather than ‘set your goal’, I am referring to you connecting with the feelings you want that make you happy.

Make the feelings your goals! The ‘hows’ will follow.

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The Secret To Fearless Living In a Terror-Filled World

Girl Superhero

I sat on a secondhand couch in a basement suite crying in helpless fear as I clutched my brand new infant daughter to my chest.

The world was in the clutches of the Cold War.

I had no TV but the radio was playing and once again the news was following the latest nuclear, radiation-filled, toxic cloud as it drifted at the will of high altitude air currents toward my country.

Both the Soviet Union and the USA were posturing their colossal powers by playing the game of “my weapons can wipe out your entire country before yours can wipe out ours” by conducting atmospheric nuclear bomb testing. These were what produced the sinister clouds that threatened to drop radioactive rain, snow, wind and oxygen upon innocent populations.

The journalists, with their ominous prose, drew pictures in the minds of the populace; pictures of radiation sickness, our hair and nails falling off, slow, painful death, horrid cancers developing, ugly birth defects, and at worst, a Nuclear Winter on a desolate planet that would not see the sun or any life form for millennia.

I was eighteen years old and this was my introduction to adulthood charged with the overwhelming responsibility of motherhood and the protection of my child. The realization that I was powerless to protect my baby from the war-mongering, power-mad men who ruled the planet affected me profoundly. I lived in fear.

A year and a half later, we were on the very brink of what could be the shortest war in this world’s history. What would become known as the Cuban Missile Crisis traumatized billions of human beings for that one historical week in October 1962.

Thousands of Soviet Union nuclear warhead missiles were aimed at the West and equally thousands more were aimed at Russia from Western soil.

Fingers were poised above two red buttons; one belonged to the USSR dictator Nikita Khrushchev and the other the President of the United States of America, John Kennedy.

The USA spy network had spotted USSR warheads on Cuban soil, just 90 miles south of Florida. More were on their way in Russian ships crossing the Atlantic. The USA reaction was to set up a blockade of naval warships and demand the Russian ships turn around.

As the Russian ships continued their course toward the blockade, threats and counter threats were volleyed back and forth from both governments. Neither would back down and with each passing hour the hands of the Doomsday Clock marched closer and closer to ‘Twelve o’clock”.

The media never stopped its incessant chatter of countless horrific scenarios based on innumerable ‘what if’s’. Children stayed home from school and parents from work in a panic to plan how to survive in the shadow of an impeding holocaust. What would happen when the Russian ships met the American blockade?

As history records, Khrushchev blinked first. The ships turned around and the Russians agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba under the watchful spy eye of the Americans.

I’ve lived many decades since that time, but I have never forgotten it or the lesson I learned from this and many future power struggles, wars and despotic dictatorships annihilating human rights.

The lesson is: this planet will always, ALWAYS have its crises. And the only way for the individual to exist with any kind of sanity among them is with faith and the courage to live their life separate from the mob mentality.

When I say ‘faith’, I mean faith in mankind. Not the ‘mankind’ whose focus is on greed and power, but the majority of mankind who perform the endless and unheralded deeds of goodness, kindness, helpfulness and love. Faith in Source, whatever that is for you and faith in yourself.

Faith means to have trust, trust that we humans do learn from our history and experiences, that there is far more goodness than evil in our midst. Goodness is quiet and steady and often goes unnoticed whereas evil is like the squeaky wheel, it gets the attention first.

The engine of the mob mentality is fear and the fuel that drives this engine is today’s media; the squeaky and squealing wheel that gets your front-and-centre attention and won’t let go. It began during the Vietnam conflict. War was now fought in your living rooms and they have been there on our TV screens every day since, the more shocking the better.

Yes, we do need to be aware of what is going on in our world, but the relentless diet of it and the manner in which it is delivered, with shock and awe, is nothing short of brainwashing with very few exceptions. Ever wonder why we have such a spike in the numbers of people on medication for depression and anxiety today? Ever listen to conversations going on around you in public places? Most often they are full of complaining, blaming, anger, sadness and all manner of negativity.

The aim of terrorists is to spread terror and fear. They succeed enormously, thanks mainly to the exposure they get about every detail of their madness. These details are repeated and repeated and minutely examined over and over endlessly as we remain hypnotized and glued to our screens and newspapers, eagerly drinking it in because the fear keeps us there. We remain addicted long after the main details are made known.

For the average individual, the overwhelming feeling is powerlessness as we face this monumental tsunami of information but we don’t have to be powerless! We can erase the fear.

Erasing Fear

We do what we can do in small ways. ‘Big’ is not better! How did the Lilliputians render Gulliver powerless? By working together, hundreds of tiny people against one giant. Although Gulliver’s Travels is a work of fiction, history is full of these stories too if you look for them.

Listen to the good programming, read the good books, find and be among positive people, there is so much available if you look through a new lens. Even if you stop watching and listening to news altogether, you will still find yourself aware of the world’s affairs. I know, I’ve done it.

Deliberately choose a different thought, one step at a time, practicing every day, and you will become less fearful, more trusting and so much wiser.

Lastly, take excellent care of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If everyone did this we would all make mighty powerful little Lilliputians!

I don’t have the answers to the woes of our world. No one person does. But I do know if we begin with knowledge that comes from truthful sources, taking small, consistent steps to change our habits, alter our perspectives intelligently and with the guidance of the truly wise and build a better world within your own home and community by encouraging others to do the same, then good wins and love conquers all.

It begins with you.

© Lynn Moore 2014





Eyes, Motion, Labyrinth; What Do These Have to Do With Your Goals?

Green Eyes

The avalanche roaring down a mountainside.

Water tumbling over the precipice and falling hundreds of meters below.

The meteor hurtling into Earth’s atmosphere.

You can’t stop it.

Relentless forward motion, that is.

Imagine this:

You are in your car speeding down the road at 110 km/hr. Out of nowhere a deer leaps onto the highway directly in your path and freezes on the spot. What do you do?

You likely jump on the brakes but you know that your forward motion speed will not allow you to stop in time. You know you and the deer are going to collide and you cannot take your fear-widened eyes off the deer!

Deer on road

What would happen if, instead of your eyes being glued to the deer, you had widened your periphery and seen a window of opportunity to the right, behind the deer, that would be just large enough for you to squeak between the deer and the road shoulder safely (for you and the deer)?

What if you glued your eyes to that space?

A traffic accident engineer would tell you this is the right thing to do because human beings are hardwired to go where they look.

I know! It’s very difficult not to be panicked into staring at what appears to be the inevitable. But the next time you find yourself on a stretch of road with no other traffic, try looking to the right or left instead of straight ahead and notice if your car starts to move in that direction.

The other lesson here is that you can’t stop relentless forward motion.
Yes, the avalanche will eventually come to a stop after burying you; tons of water falling into the river has drowned you and the meteor has fried you to a crisp.

But I just wanted to help you get the picture: Trying to stop relentless forward motion takes Herculean effort so why not try to go with it?

Here’s another one:

You are having the pants scared off you as you are racing downhill on a bicycle with no brakes, and the first thing you want to do is STOP!

You can either crash into the parked car in front of you (oops!) or you can do a split second glance around and steer a course to a softer landing (grass, bushes) or even a slight upgrade that would have slowed you down.

Bicycle Crash

Okay, enough of the disastrous scenarios. Let’s turn them into something that will serve you very well when it comes to where you are going on life’s path.

Uber athlete Hillary Biscay says, “Look where you want to go and go where you look.”

When it comes to getting what you want (your goals), Relentless Forward Motion is you just continually showing up after others have quit. You’ll be too intently focused going where you look to see the ‘what if’ obstacles.

It might take a while, but if you keep showing up until you make it, that’s Relentless Forward Motion and you can’t be stopped.

It’s so easy to see the obstacles, the things in the way (the deer, the parked car), and I’m not saying don’t be aware of their possibility.

Instead, rehearse (in your mind) every likely obstacle in order to overcome it so nothing will be unexpected. If one jumps in your path, you will naturally look where you want to go…. around it.

So how does one put that motion into forward gear and work up to ‘relentless’? I’m going to tell you.

First, we need to take a look at this current craziness of getting what we want in nanoseconds; this new society of short cuts. Think 140 characters, texting and one-minute videos.
Man texting
We have evolved into people who want everything tout suite rather than hold a meaningful, face-to-face conversation, read a novel in the Queen’s English or enjoy watching a full-length movie with a story that isn’t chopped up into 5 second flashes of special effects and decibels of ear-splitting noise.

Instant gratification and no investment equal no value. The ingredients of Relentless Forward Motion are tenacity, patience and preparation, which when blended and baked, equal you getting what you value, need and desire.

(Surprise ladies! Thought I’d give you a little eye candy…)

Here’s How:

I love Darren Hardy’s 1-1-5-3-1-30-30-5 Plan!
(Warning: Not for the nanosecond, shortcut mentality)

First: Prepare

Choose your number 1 goal: relationship, weight loss, building a business, investing finances, public speaking, selling, etc.

Decide what the number 1 skill is you need to accomplish that goal.

Choose 5 books on learning and practicing this skill and immediately go to Amazon and buy them. (Hint: they will be more than 140 characters!)

Book and CD

Choose 3 CD/DVD programs on this skill. (Hint: they will be longer than 60 seconds!)

Now choose 1 live seminar to attend on this skill.

Second: Take action and be patient

Read for 30 minutes each morning until you have consumed the 5 books. Will only take a couple of months or less

For 30 minutes each day, listen to/watch the audios/DVDs’s. (While walking, driving, working out, etc.)

The consistency of this small discipline compounded over time is Relentless Forward Motion while looking where you want to go.

Third: the 5 Step Process

1. Study – focus on that skill you need to learn
2. Extract – the 3 best ideas you find
3. Act – implement 1 of these ideas now
4. Measure – track your improvement (what you don’t measure, you can’t manage).
5. Improve – review, adjust, repeat
Lastly, goals are accomplished much more easily if you think of them as a labyrinth: there is only one starting point and only one stopping place. The rest is Relentless Forward Motion as you circle your desire, coming closer and closer with every step, knowing you are never losing sight of the prize as you look where you want to go and go where you look.

P.S. My business is all about listening. I’d like to hear your story. The one that’s keeping you stuck. Let’s talk. Just click above to begin a new journey

In My Mother’s Death I Found My Mission


I watched, as her breathing became more and more shallow, the pauses between breaths grew longer and longer. And then they stopped…. forever. 

My mother was gone. 

As my tears flowed, they weren’t so much for Mum’s passing; she had a long life (1920 – 2004), but for her lost potential. 

You see, life had beaten her down. Oh, she was a fighter and a survivor, no doubt of that, but she had settled for less than her desires. Her fears of loss and lack won out and this made her bitter. 

Yes, her time was a different time in history for women and it was not easy to rise above the status quo, but she had the chops to do it and in some ways she did, but not for herself. It was always for others. This manifested in a ‘silent victim’ persona she carried in her energy and the word ‘martyr’ was a common noun us kids kept unspoken but nonetheless acknowledged.

With her as my example, I almost walked the same path. It took me many decades to
unravel this subconscious thread of knots, learn who I truly am and live my soul purpose, especially in my second half of life.

This is the time in a woman’s life when she comes into her own, can truly shine her brilliance and make a difference in this world. 

If you are in this time of your life, I’m wondering, if you are longing to embrace something inside of you. Maybe you don’t know what it is, or you’re fearful, or you feel stuck in mud up to your waist. You’re tired of fulfilling someone else’s dreams, but never your own. You know there is more for you and you’re hearing the clock tick.

It’s taken me a lifetime, but I have learned what it takes to not die with your soul purpose unsung, and it’s my passion in my role as Intuitive Life Coach/Mentor to teach you and women like you how to shine your brilliance.

Let’s talk


Loving my Mommy

What did you think of this story?

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The Law of Receiving ~ Echoing

11 Pillars to Awesome Abundance ~  Part 9

This week brings you the ninth video in  the 11 Pillars series of Universal Laws in 90 second “nugget” form. 

The Law of Receiving or, as I like to call it, ‘Echoing’.



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 Transcript : The Law of Receiving ~ Echoing

The energy of giving echoes back to you. Every time. There is no excuse not to give, no reason for putting it off. Smiles, appreciation, holding a door open, hugs, greetings, encouragement, courtesy, love; anyone can give these freely. True giving is without expectation of return, not for money, self-esteem, friendship, love, or because you feel unworthy of payment, etc. Oh, you certainly can receive these things, but not if you’re making deals in your mind or keeping a tally sheet. You must give wisely; be careful what you give to those who may be taking advantage of you or those who choose not to help themselves, or those whom you would be enabling. If you want to receive regularly and systematically, then give in the same way; sponsor a child in the developing world, volunteer regularly. Give in kind; systematic donations of money bring systematic income of money, etc. If your vibration is to give unselfishly and to receive with grace then you understand this Universal Law. When you experience the epitome of joy & gratitude from an act of giving, you understand. It’s Cause and Effect, Reap & Sow, Giving & Receiving.

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Keep on goaling!

I’m Lynn Moore, the Inspirational Goaling Coach

The Law of Non-Resistance ~ Responding Not Reacting

11 Pillars to Awesome Abundance ~  Part 8

This week brings you the eighth video in  the 11 Pillars series of Universal Laws in 90 second “nugget” form. 

The Law of Non Resistance or, as I like to call it, ‘Responding, not Reacting’.


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 Transcript: The Law of Non-resistance (Responding, not Reacting)

Reacting is instinctive resistance, responding is thinking before reacting.

For example, by concentrating on ridding yourself of disorganization, you’re setting up resistance, friction; by concentrating on becoming organized, you are opening up the process, the natural flow. When you make the opening, the energy of organization comes. When you focus on the outcome you want instead of the obstacle in the way, the energy flows around the obstacle and keeps on going in the direction you have chosen for it; the thing you want.

Stop fighting disorganization (or whatever your obstacle is) and let organization flow toward you by expecting organization. When you quit fighting things like hate aimed at you and extend a kind thought to the hater, you disarm them, you rise to your highest good and their hate can’t affect you.

Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela are perfect example of responding, not reacting; Non-resistance.

To learn how to include “Responding, not Reacting” in your goal strategy, you can book a complimentary Goal Strategy Session with me. Collaboration works wonders!

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Keep on goaling!

I’m Lynn Moore, the Inspirational Goaling Coach

Keep on goaling. I’m Lynn Moore the Inspirational Goaling Coach

The Law of Success ~ I Can

11 Pillars to Awesome Abundance ~  Part 7

This week brings you the seventh video in  the 11 Pillars series of Universal Laws in 90 second “nugget” form.

The Law of Success or, as I like to call it, ‘I Can’.


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Transcript: The Law of Success ~ I Can

Success is bringing into being an idea you are passionate about, in other words, an ideal. You have all the ingredients for the recipe of success within you. You just need to learn the principles of cooking and the right method of putting the ingredients together and you have success.  Humans are wired to progress and when we don’t, we often experience what we may term ‘failures’. Failures are simply Universal feedback showing us where we need to self-correct in order to reach the culmination of the ideal we hold in our minds.  Success is also learning how to use our time and our thought, particularly the thought “I Can”.  Holding that one thought and capturing the feeling of that thought will develop in you the power that can. The “I” in you is the Spirit of Life and far greater than any condition or circumstance.

To learn how to include “I Can” in your goal strategy, you can book a complimentary Goal Strategy Session with me. Collaboration works wonders!

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Keep on gaoling!

I’m Lynn Moore, the Inspirational Goaling Coach

The Law Of Compensation ~ Personal Responsibility

   11 Pillars to Awesome Abundance ~  Part 6

This week brings you the sixth video in  the 11 Pillars series of Universal Laws in 90 second “nugget” form.

The Law of Compensation or, as I like to call it, ‘Personal Responsibility’.


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The Law of Compensation(Personal Responsibility). Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the results you are getting in your life? Most people are dissatisfied and play the blame game or just feel life happens TO them and not because of them. Personal growth is a choice and it begins with living your life by intelligent design and not onauto pilot. If you were looking at a movie screen of you in your life, what would you see? Are you happy with it? If not, simply change the picture. You have freedom of thought to do so. Squeeze out negative thinking (contraction) with positive thinking (expansion). Then everything changes; energies, what you are aware of, how you talk etc. You are creativity personified, rare and one of a kind.  The Universe has a rare purpose for you then gives you the freedom to fulfill it or not. You will receive in exact proportion to what you give; what you give in thought, words and action. You are free to decide, free to design and free to build. Keep on Goaling!

To learn how to take “Personal Responsibility” in your goal strategy, you can book a complimentary Goal Strategy Session with me. Collaboration works wonders!

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Keep on gaoling!

I’m Lynn Moore, the Inspirational Goaling Coach

Law of Sacrifice ~ Releasing To Create Space

The 11 Pillars to Awesome Abundance ~ Part 5

This week brings you the fifth video in the 11 Pillars series of Universal Laws in 90 second “nugget” form.

The Law of Sacrifice or, as I like to call it, ‘Releasing To Create Space’.


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  Sacrifice: (Releasing to create space). When you give up (sacrifice) something of a lower nature you make room to receive something of a higher nature. So you do not lose, you gain. ie: give up TV time to train for a sport, study something that interests you, write a book, do some research, meditate, workout, anything that will bring you and your goal closer together.

When you make these kinds of choices, you take hold of the controls of your life.  You are no longer just a passenger along for the ride with no say in the destination yet complaining when you don’t end up where you want to be. Instead, you choose your destination, you map out the ride and you navigate the journey.  There is a price to pay when you take the controls, and that price is discipline. Discipline just means ‘you have taken control’, you have learned how and you are making the decisions. No matter what, you are always exchanging one thing for something else, one activity for another, etc and you might as well release what doesn’t serve you for something that does.

To learn how “Release to Create Space” with your goal strategy, you can book a complimentary Goal Strategy Session with me. Collaboration works wonders!

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Keep on gaoling!

I’m Lynn Moore, the Inspirational Goaling Coach

Law of Increase ~ Praising Your Abundance


The 11 Pillars to Awesome Abundance ~ Part 4

This week brings you the fourth video in the 11 Pillars series of Universal Laws in 90 second “nugget” form. 

 The Law of Increase or, as I like to call it, ‘Praising Your Abundance’.


 Click Here to Watch Video


The Law of Increase: (Praising your abundance) When you compliment and honor that which you want, it will increase in your life. We are always either expanding or contracting. When you speak well of the money that you now have it will expand. When you complain about it, it will contract. When a child is complemented and praised, she expands, becomes confident and secure; when a child is criticized she contracts into herself and becomes insecure.  Do you want more love, better health, better living conditions, business success? Then express thankfulness and speak highly of the love, health, living conditions and success you currently have. It’s like magic fertilizer for growth. Your body physically responds when you receive or give complements. Your cells actually become stronger, AND your own outlook becomes new. You now look for and see things to compliment and praise and in turn everything increases for you. To get what you want, praise what you have, that’s Inspirational Goaling.

Learn the Inspirational Goaling system and how to “Praise Your Abundance” in a complimentary Goal Strategy Session with me.

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Keep on goaling. I’m Lynn Moore, the Inspirational Goaling Coach