Eyes, Motion, Labyrinth; What Do These Have to Do With Your Goals?

Green Eyes

The avalanche roaring down a mountainside.

Water tumbling over the precipice and falling hundreds of meters below.

The meteor hurtling into Earth’s atmosphere.

You can’t stop it.

Relentless forward motion, that is.

Imagine this:

You are in your car speeding down the road at 110 km/hr. Out of nowhere a deer leaps onto the highway directly in your path and freezes on the spot. What do you do?

You likely jump on the brakes but you know that your forward motion speed will not allow you to stop in time. You know you and the deer are going to collide and you cannot take your fear-widened eyes off the deer!

Deer on road

What would happen if, instead of your eyes being glued to the deer, you had widened your periphery and seen a window of opportunity to the right, behind the deer, that would be just large enough for you to squeak between the deer and the road shoulder safely (for you and the deer)?

What if you glued your eyes to that space?

A traffic accident engineer would tell you this is the right thing to do because human beings are hardwired to go where they look.

I know! It’s very difficult not to be panicked into staring at what appears to be the inevitable. But the next time you find yourself on a stretch of road with no other traffic, try looking to the right or left instead of straight ahead and notice if your car starts to move in that direction.

The other lesson here is that you can’t stop relentless forward motion.
Yes, the avalanche will eventually come to a stop after burying you; tons of water falling into the river has drowned you and the meteor has fried you to a crisp.

But I just wanted to help you get the picture: Trying to stop relentless forward motion takes Herculean effort so why not try to go with it?

Here’s another one:

You are having the pants scared off you as you are racing downhill on a bicycle with no brakes, and the first thing you want to do is STOP!

You can either crash into the parked car in front of you (oops!) or you can do a split second glance around and steer a course to a softer landing (grass, bushes) or even a slight upgrade that would have slowed you down.

Bicycle Crash

Okay, enough of the disastrous scenarios. Let’s turn them into something that will serve you very well when it comes to where you are going on life’s path.

Uber athlete Hillary Biscay says, “Look where you want to go and go where you look.”

When it comes to getting what you want (your goals), Relentless Forward Motion is you just continually showing up after others have quit. You’ll be too intently focused going where you look to see the ‘what if’ obstacles.

It might take a while, but if you keep showing up until you make it, that’s Relentless Forward Motion and you can’t be stopped.

It’s so easy to see the obstacles, the things in the way (the deer, the parked car), and I’m not saying don’t be aware of their possibility.

Instead, rehearse (in your mind) every likely obstacle in order to overcome it so nothing will be unexpected. If one jumps in your path, you will naturally look where you want to go…. around it.

So how does one put that motion into forward gear and work up to ‘relentless’? I’m going to tell you.

First, we need to take a look at this current craziness of getting what we want in nanoseconds; this new society of short cuts. Think 140 characters, texting and one-minute videos.
Man texting
We have evolved into people who want everything tout suite rather than hold a meaningful, face-to-face conversation, read a novel in the Queen’s English or enjoy watching a full-length movie with a story that isn’t chopped up into 5 second flashes of special effects and decibels of ear-splitting noise.

Instant gratification and no investment equal no value. The ingredients of Relentless Forward Motion are tenacity, patience and preparation, which when blended and baked, equal you getting what you value, need and desire.

(Surprise ladies! Thought I’d give you a little eye candy…)

Here’s How:

I love Darren Hardy’s 1-1-5-3-1-30-30-5 Plan!
(Warning: Not for the nanosecond, shortcut mentality)

First: Prepare

Choose your number 1 goal: relationship, weight loss, building a business, investing finances, public speaking, selling, etc.

Decide what the number 1 skill is you need to accomplish that goal.

Choose 5 books on learning and practicing this skill and immediately go to Amazon and buy them. (Hint: they will be more than 140 characters!)

Book and CD

Choose 3 CD/DVD programs on this skill. (Hint: they will be longer than 60 seconds!)

Now choose 1 live seminar to attend on this skill.

Second: Take action and be patient

Read for 30 minutes each morning until you have consumed the 5 books. Will only take a couple of months or less

For 30 minutes each day, listen to/watch the audios/DVDs’s. (While walking, driving, working out, etc.)

The consistency of this small discipline compounded over time is Relentless Forward Motion while looking where you want to go.

Third: the 5 Step Process

1. Study – focus on that skill you need to learn
2. Extract – the 3 best ideas you find
3. Act – implement 1 of these ideas now
4. Measure – track your improvement (what you don’t measure, you can’t manage).
5. Improve – review, adjust, repeat
Lastly, goals are accomplished much more easily if you think of them as a labyrinth: there is only one starting point and only one stopping place. The rest is Relentless Forward Motion as you circle your desire, coming closer and closer with every step, knowing you are never losing sight of the prize as you look where you want to go and go where you look.

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I’m Abolishing Time Management, There’s Another Way

If you would rather listen than read, select this audio

It’s Breaking a clock5:00 a.m.

You so need your sleep, but the voice in your head will . not . shut . up!

It keeps running the list of things you have not gotten around to AND the list of things that you must get done that are not on the first list, AND the list of excuses for the two former lists.

You just need more hours in the day, another day in your week, another week in your month, another month in your year, another year in your… blah, blah, blah.

There’s just not enough time!

Horse buns!

It’s not the lack of time; it’s the speed at which we travel within the time we do have; which is exactly the same for every living thing on earth.

Let’s say you’re on a bicycle that is moving at 10 mph. It has a governor and cannot move faster. Your feet start to move at 20 mph. What happens when 20 mph feet contact 10 mph pedals?

First, this scenario is not possible and second, if you attempted this, I envision a bike chain wrapped around your knees and lots of bandages, stitches and perhaps a cast or two in your future.

But here’s the most shocking part…..you keep getting on this 10 mph bike with your 20 mph flying feet and trying to coordinate the two. It’s against all the laws of physics and the Universe, so you keep having the same painful results.

Get the picture?

So when are you going to stop trying to cram 36 mph of activities into 24 mph days? Your body can keep taking this abuse (stress) only so long before there will never be enough bandages, stitches and casts to put you back together again.

I’m going to suggest you choose what we used to call a time management goal, but I prefer to rename a time alignment goal. It’s so much easier to align with what is unchangeable than try to ‘manage’ it into something it cannot be.

I’ll show you how to get there.

1. What Do You Want?

When it comes to you and time coordination, what do you want? Use a few minutes of your allotted time to really choose carefully. I’ll use myself as an example. I wanted feelings of inner harmony.

2. Identify your worst time-sucking distractions.

Is it the phone? The TV? The computer? Or the phone/TV/computer in one small gadget…..the Smart Phone. Yup, top of the list of time-sucking temptations.

We live in a time warp of zillions of attention-grasping bright, shiny, objects all beckoning us with their arsenal of tricks and tools.

Its time to take the camera off auto focus and learn how to manually focus so which we really don’t need in the picture remains a blur.

3. Make tough decisions.

We think we have to do everything.

Bull patties!

Do a ‘slash and burn’ of all the ‘attention-sucking’ temptations and other-people-demands that are constantly showing up, especially on the Internet and within our own homes, and simply keep a very determined focus on only the things that give you a high ROEI (Return On Energy Investment).

Part of the ‘slash and burn’ is: Delegate, Authorize, Prioritize (DAP). Put those letters front and centre to constantly remind you to do them. Whether you are running a business or a home (maybe both) you have assistants and family members.

4. You have to be relentless!

Every day you will have to reaffirm your slash and burn decisions over and over again. Why? Because you have a sub-conscious pattern that behaves as a magnet. It will keep pulling you back into habits that do not serve you well.

Bring this unconscious pattern into manual, sharp focus. Hear the alarms ring when you stray into dangerous territory and bring yourself back with a snap. Be determined to support those decisions you made in #3 every moment.

You must practice this new pattern every day. You know what your weaknesses are.

It won’t be too long before you will realize the old pattern is losing ground to the new pattern you are building.

5. Its not really about time its about energy.

When you are being distracted and fragmented by flitting from one activity to another, not completing things, not giving them the time they deserve, going off course with social media, phone calls, and things you believe your kids/spouse/assistant shouldn’t have to do, it has nothing to do with lack of time and everything to do with uncontrolled energy.

You have to constantly gather in that fragmented energy and become still, grounded, present, in the moment and reel it back inside by being uber aware of what you are doing or not doing.

You are all too familiar with the feelings of frustration, worry and powerlessness that come with being out of control with your time (energy).

These feelings are your barometer! The moment you begin to feel any one of these, stop and ask yourself, “What am I doing to make myself feel this discomfort?” Then course correct.

Probably, the most shocking fact is that you can slow down to 10 mph and nothing bad will happen! You will still be alive, things that really matter to you will still be there. You will still get things done, life will still happen and you’ll be excited and energized by connecting with your time alignment goals.

Action Step:

Surprise yourself, start with #1 and work through these 5 goal steps just for one day and see what happens.

All in good ‘time’

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