‘Spirited’ Goal Connecting

When it comes to choosing your goals, it’s a given that other people will have a hand in your success. From the clerk in the store who helps you find a book (ie: you need it for information on your goal to learn how to invest your money), to the Coach who is supporting and guiding you along the way.

How do you “see” these people and all the hundreds of other humans you interact with, walk past on the street, maybe nod to or smile or say ‘hi’, see on TV, serve you in some way, etc.?

Well since the beginning of human presence on this planet we have been programmed to see ourselves as ‘separate’ from each other. Separate in our appearance (colour, stature, body features). Separate in our creeds and belief systems. Separate in our languages. Separate in age and gender. Separate in distances apart. Separate within manmade borders on a map. And I’m certain you can think of many more!

Separateness leads us to judgement and competition.

Now let’s look at our similarities. We are similar in that we all have the same bodily functions, we walk upright, we all communicate with language, we breathe oxygen, we require food and water to exist, and every human being born has these same basic human needs:

  • Certainty
  • Variety
  • Significance
  • Love/Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution

These six basic needs are in ALL of us and they have a huge bearing on the goals we choose and how we go about connecting with them.

Similarities lead to understanding and acceptance.

Have you noticed that the ‘separation’ guidelines are mostly extrinsic and the similarities are mostly intrinsic?

Try this:

Every day for a week, focus and concentrate on the similarities you have with everyone you see and with whom you interact, keeping this thought in mind…..”We are all energy. Energy never dies. We all come from the same energy source, therefore we are all ONE”. WHEW! That’s a lot for the brain to absorb if you have never been introduced to this concept.

This is just one of the shifts in consciousness we are undergoing on this earth at this time and we welcome it. After a week of shifting your own consciousness to see the similarities you share with others, which foster unity, rather than focusing on the separateness which fosters comparisons, you will begin to feel that ‘oneness’.

Imagine not feeling like you have to compete, be better than, feel failure, feel misunderstood, maligned, unloved, disliked, judged, rejected, wrong.  It all goes away when we look at others as part of ourselves and treat them as if we are.

This is not an easy shift for plenty of us, but every change begins with one small adjustment. I guarantee you that if you do this, everything else in your life will shift too.

If you have goals involving relationships, finances, career, health, spiritual development, etc. this shift within YOU will invoke a very positive Universal Law of Attraction reaction.  By just focusing on other’s ‘oneness’ with you, you remove the barriers set up by separateness and you connect with the goals you desire through the shared and multiplied energy of oneness. Because……everything you want in life will in some way depend on other people.

(c) Lynn Moore 2011

#5 Two Lynn's Meeting

Do you know your “Secret Sentence”? You know, the one that makes every hair on your body stand on end when you say it?  The one that describes only you? 

Take a peek at this video and watch Lynn talk to Lynn Two about ‘that sentence….

Want your own sentence?

Keep on Goaling!


Getting Goals the New Way ~ What’s The Difference?



Okay ladies and gentlemen, I’m about the spill the beans!

People keep asking me, “Why do we need a new way to set and achieve our goals and what’s different about your system?”

I feel an article coming on every time I’m asked this.  So let’s do it already!

Why do we need a new way?  For one thing, just look at the statistics on how many people choose something they want to be, do or have, then write it down, then follow that with a plan of action. I’ve seen stats that say 3% of college students. Dismal!

Why so low? My thought is because people have made a stab at it and it didn’t work so why do it again, it’s boring, they don’t believe in it, it’s hard and a struggle, it’s not taught in schools so it can’t be important, parents don’t teach it so it can’t be important, goals are something your boss tells you that you have to meet each month and it’s pressure and stressful, etc. etc. And all this is negative.  Therefore someone sees the word ‘goal´ and the immediate feeling is negative (unless it’s a football touchdown or hockey score kind of ‘goal’) and who wants to pursue something that doesn’t feel good?

Yet we all want something or many things!  There’s a disconnect here.

We need a new way of getting what we want because the old ways aren’t working.  It is ‘broke’ and we need to ‘fix it’.  I didn’t choose this topic for my business because it’s catchy and popular, I chose it because it’s what I know how to do and because I can teach it, it’s unpopular but I can make it popular, it’s not catchy but I can make it so and I know it is what I am supposed to be doing.  It’s the passion that drives my purpose. I cannot not do it.

Now we, who use the Internet to market our businesses, are taught to give people what they want and not what they need.  So my job is to educate, educate, educate until people want to learn and use a new way to get what they want.  It’s not easy (I never seem to choose ‘easy’), it takes lots of time, lots of investment, lots of self discipline, lots of tenacity, lots of energy and plenty of my own goal choosing and accomplishment to do this.

I could be marketing the latest trendy ‘jewelry’ for kitty cats and puppy dogs (people will buy anything for their pets, I know I do!), but I don’t do this to make fast money and it isn’t my purpose or passion.  I do this because my purpose is to ’lead people to discover their true value’.  I didn’t choose this purpose, I was born with it, just as you were also born with your purpose.

We are never happy with ‘things’.  We think things will make us happy until we get them and within a short time are looking for some new thing because we still aren’t happy.  What we are really looking for is happiness, but we don’t know what it looks like.  People are searching, just in the wrong direction.

The good news is that there is a shift going on, a shift in the planetary consciousness.  It started small and now is gathering speed with each day that passes.  Many old ways are not working, just look at the global economic situation, distribution of jobs, education, armed conflict and the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. The word ‘greed’ comes to mind as a major cause. Well that’s what all this shifting is about; time to fix all this. And it is happening.

What’s different about my proprietary system of getting what you want?

In the past, goal setting was a left-brained purely ‘thinking’ procedure. I’ve known there was a missing link most of my life and I’ve been looking for it actively for two decades.   I know now what it is (that’s another and a long story), have devised my system, use it myself and know with certainty that it is aligned and interconnects with the ‘shift’ in consciousness leading us to our new ways to live and connect with other human beings on this globe.

The missing link is the heart. I have added heart to the process of you getting what you want. This isn’t the place to go into great detail, but keep an eye out because I will be doing this very soon in other ways. With your heart, you will be choosing inspired goals, you will know what happiness, or anything else you want, looks like. Acquiring our goals is going from “it will fill me up” to “it will fill me up so that I can in turn help fill someone else up.” The emphasis of our ‘global shifting’ is learning to put the emphasis on people and not just money. Pretty big shift I’d say!

 Your plan of action will be inspired action not activity. Activity is left brain centered and carries with it non-belief and lack of faith in ones self. Activity is forcing and struggling to make your goal happen.  Whereas inspired (in-spirit) action simply allows Universal Principles, or Laws if you prefer, to work through you and that’s what moves you. Activity feels difficult and fosters desperation, inspired action feels calm, certain, peaceful, joyful, goosebumpy, and fosters fulfillment.

This is why I wrote the book “Inspirational Goaling” http://www.inspirationalgoaling.com and this is why I keep doing what I do, so that I can feel fulfilled so that you can feel fulfilled and so that you can have what you want every time.

Keep on Goaling!

©Lynn Moore 2010