Did You Know Your Highway to Happiness Was Whispered in Your Ear at the Moment of Your Birth?

Discover the magic that’s waiting for you!


Seeking a deeper sense of self and soul purpose?

Searching for a way out of ‘can’t-make-a-decision’ prison?

Knowing in your heart there is something more for you to do?

Yearning to fuel your own growth, brand your own success?

Not able to write the next chapter to your prosperity?

Needing to get out of the job you hate but stay in for the income?

Wanting to trust the Universe and find the Spiritual keys to Success?

If you are a woman in the second half of life with a desire to bloom into a life of fulfillment and meaning, this complementary gift will help you begin by embarking on a journey of fun and education…

Waiting for you in this book, you will:

  • Find belly-laughing humor and heart-tugging pathos of my journey to inspiration as a volunteer English teacher in Nepal.

  • Open your personal doors of discovery through videos, audios, photos, written exercises, visualizations and more.

  • Discover a deeper knowledge of your self.

  • Become aware of the supportive, positive energies surrounding you.

  • Result in a strategic plan of action to follow.

It’s Your Time, It’s Your Turn!


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