About Lynn


In a Nutshell….

I was NIKE before NIKE was NIKE.

I was just doing it before Nike told us to ‘Just Do It’.

That caused me to ask, “Well, doesn’t everybody Just Do It?’ Apparently not. I learned that what came very naturally to me didn’t for many others, caused them to cope in a different way and it had a name: procrastinationFor me, procrastination was very uncomfortable, very stressful and I just had to do whatever I needed to do to get rid of that feeling. Besides, life was much better when I ‘just did it’.

I think this ‘talent’ with which I was born has saved my life over and over again. When I say ‘saved my life’ I mean not just from death, but from living in the misery of deep depression, the temptation to just give up when the going got really hard, and to succumb to an endless list of traumatic rejection and abandonment that planted in my sub-conscious the message that I was unloveable.

I’ve come to know that all these experiences were meant to be in order for me to evolve my soul in this lifetime. And that I needed the Just Do It strength to bring me through. I’ve also had many wonderful life passages, experienced giving and receiving love, success (as we define it on this planet), fun, deep friendships, wisdom, good health, and living in the freedoms of the developed world. So much for which to be extremely grateful.

In 1997, with the guidance of some loving and very wise individuals, I was able to bring to the surface and put words to my Gift, my purpose for being here, and that is to:

Lead People to Discover Their True Value

A life ‘gift’ or ‘purpose’ is always the giving of a part of oneself to uplift and inspire others. And without being conscious of it, we often are doing so in any number of ways, especially evident in the manner we ‘play’ as children.  Once we become conscious of our Gift it is then that we can soar with it!

And this is what has led me to become an Intuitive Coach/Mentor

Toddler Lynn croppedOkay, here’s my story

I was born:

  • independent
  • cute
  • stubborn
  • smart
  • mouthy

Luckily the mouthy part was quelled by my parents in short shrift, but now and again I do slip. The independence converted into entrepreneurialism and the stubbornness fortunately morphed into tenacity. Even though I always longed to be elegant, I remained cute, just like our Smart Car, as it seems anything small is labeled ‘cute’. My husband, a heavy duty mechanic, does not find it amusing that he drives a car everyone calls ‘cute’.

As for the ‘smart’ aspect of my abilities, this was replaced with intelligence after it was found that mathematics was completely unable to find a way into my left brain, the logical part. But I could

  • read, write and spell like the dickens
  • solve problems (not mathematical)
  • locate bottom lines with the speed of light
  • dance ballet
  • figure skate
  • tie myself in yoga knots
  • make clothes
  • refinish old furniture to like-new condition
  • knit sweaters and socks
  • type
  • organize
  • cook and bake scrumptious food
  • create businesses that succeeded.

Never allowing grass to grow between my toes, I was always on the go, always mastering something new and learning, learning, learning so I could teach, teach, teach. Everything I learned, I taught.

In the days of my youth, to about age 35, I tended to be serious with a git ‘er done, git ‘er done right and git ‘er done now inflexibility.  Although some of this remains, today I am

  • more analytical
  • more heart centered
  • more spiritual
  • with a well developed sense of humor

but still with a stuck accelerator driving me to learn and teach.  Always with goals beckoning me forward.  Without goals I don’t have a life.

With many decades beneath my wheels, years and years of studying the masters, experiencing the elation of bringing three human beings into the world plus incredibly loving relationships, the seeds of wisdom began to sprout.

My philosophy of life has become “to create value in all things” and thus I know a peace that nothing I have done was in vain.  I regret none of my choices as they were based on my instinct and intuition and they come from the Divine Source. Most of my choices have resulted in happiness and success, but I could look at some outcomes as failures. Instead I choose to find their value, not only for me but for all involved.

It is through all my relationships, profoundly deep relationships as well as casual relationships that most of my life learning has come.  Combine this with my reason for being, my life path which is to be a teacher leading people to discover their true value, and my passion which is to learn so that I may teach so that I may learn anew and you have the Life Coach that I am today.

Every mode of business, career, and relationship has involved helping others help themselves through teaching in some way.  Today, everything that I am makes me a coach/mentor, a coach for the woman searching for more meaningful purpose during mid-life and later years; these incredible Women of Wisdom years who have spent their lives unconsciously preparing to be of profound influence during these years as the world is now shifting into a new consciousness.

Since 2004 I’ve been coaching women in their mid to later years who, after living the the  normal roles of daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother etc., have reached a place where they ask, “Who am I, really? What is my purpose and what am I here to do as a human being? I sense there is something more for me, a way to contribute, to have a more meaningful life at this stage and to leave a legacy in some way. How do I do that and what is it I’m meant to do?”

My volunteer mission to Nepal while in my 60’s was how I found my own answers and realized I was able to lead other women like me to find their own spirit of purpose and how to manifest it. The Inspirational Goaling program was downloaded into my psyche almost faster than I could write it down!

(Get the free iBook version of my Nepali experience here)

This new and more feminine energy, predominantly right brained and spirit driven method of discovery and manifestation of goals is innovative and greatly differs from what we have been previously taught. By coaching and mentoring the mature women for whom it was created, Inspirational Goaling fulfills my spirit purpose as I guide them to theirs.

I am also the creator of the  “Inspirational Goaling Coaching Program”

You can find out more about this here