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Why do people hire a coach?

  • Feeling stuck
  • Can’t reach a goal
  • Want to grow a business
  • Change/advance career
  • Work/Life Balance
  • There are hundreds of reasons!

“The powerful part of our relationship was that conversation and dialogue came so easily. Lynn did what I asked her to. I wanted to set small, yet challenging goals for myself related to moving my business forward and that’s just what we did”.

– J. Denys, London Ontario

What happens during a coaching session?

  • You will call/visit me at the prearranged time.
  • We will have 45 minutes together
  • You set the agenda and the pace for the sessions, I simply keep us going in that direction.
  • At the end of each session I will ask you to do some fieldwork, sometimes I may issue a challenge. The choice is always yours to agree, disagree or re-negotiate.
  • I do hold you accountable for what you commit to doing.

“I was not permitted to dwell on mediocrity, safe practices or remain in my comfort zone for long. Lynn immediately identified and styled her communications to my personality type and knew how to communicate and challenge me in a way that was effective and would produce results”.

– L. Hayes, Where The Heart is Life Coaching, Sudbury Ontario

Why coach on the phone rather than in person?

  • Time, location and convenience. You can live at the South Pole, the North Pole or any point between, as long as you have a telephone and speak English we are on!
  • No commute to and from sessions, no inclement weather or traffic to endure.

What’s my investment?

Do you guarantee your coaching?

  • You are in charge, you write your own guarantee.

Who hires a coach?

  • Anyone.
  • Everyone.
  • Even coaches hire a coach!

“I was impressed with her professionalism, attitude and ability to hold me accountable. Lynn always had great feedback which helped me put things in perspective”.

– David Oldenburg, President, Paradise Mortgage, Sacramento California

How long do people work with a coach?

  • 3 months .
  • 6 months .
  • 1 year.
  • Just as long as they wish.

Can I hire a coach for a short term, special project?

  • Absolutely!

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Endless, including…
  • EMPOWERMENT over whatever is keeping you from being everything you can be.

“Lynn is very intuitive and usually knew exactly what I “needed”. She is very committed to her clients. Her humor lightens up the sessions whenever needed!”

– L. Searle, Brisbane Australia

How long before I see results?

  • Astoundingly, from the very first session.

Why is coaching becoming so popular, so quickly?

  • People are getting life/business results!
  • It started with people in business and is now overflowing into all other categories of our lives.
  • More than ever people need a “neutral” party to listen, support and hold them accountable.

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